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About David Martinek

A Unique Perspective: 
With over four decades of combined business and leadership experience, I offer a unique perspective to the practice of real estate. In my view, the primary reason for being a real estate agent is quite simply to make a living, while the primary focus of a real estate agent should be helping his/her customers and clients achieve their goals. 
     As a full service Realtor, I assist clients to buy and sell high-end residential properties and vacant land. You'll notice that I take a low-key and non-pressure approach. If you are searching for your dream home in the mountains, a vacation home or would just like more information, feel free to call or email me; there's no obligation. 
     And don't forget to read the featured stories in my "Newsletter" section.  There are over 50 stories about the beauty, history and culture of the Ute Pass area.  I published 
Pikes Peak Country beginning in 2006.  While the newsletter is now out of print, the stories are still relevant.  To access, just click the name.


My areas of focus: 
      When it comes to the central Rockies and front range of Colorado, I am a knowledgeable, hometown "mountain" Realtor. I list and show high-end homes and vacant land in the Ute Pass communities of Manitou Springs, Cascade, Chipita Park, Green Mountain Falls, Woodland Park, Divide, Cripple Creek/Victor, Florissant, Guffey and Lake George, and surrounding rural county areas. In addition, I am well versed in the real estate market in Colorado Springs.  I also have knowledge and experience with real estate properties in Park, Chaffee and Lake counties, including the upper Arkansas River valley. 


Personal Real Estate Policy

Below are ten ethical, operational or administrative policies which guide my conduct as a Colorado Realtor.  This is how I work: 


1.  Courtesy and Integrity. 

     First and foremost, I will conduct all transactions with my clients and customers in a courteous, honest, fair and straightforward manner, respecting their desires, goals, directions and decisions so long as, in my opinion, such intentions and actions are respectful, lawful and honorable.
     In all my actions I will adhere to the Code of Ethics promulgated by the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors.


2.  Fiduciary Responsibility. With all my clients (buyers or sellers under contract) and customers my conduct will be responsible and accountable, acting as their agent or assistant, and placing their lawful interests above my own.


3.  Communication.  I will attempt at all times to communicate with my customers and clients in a clear, polite and precise manner so that my information, direction or guidance is understood.  


4.  Professionalism. 

     I will conduct myself and my real estate transactions at all times with professionalism - respecting the license entrusted in me by the State of Colorado to practice real estate

     I recognize that it is my responsibility as a Colorado real estate broker to guide, direct, inform, protect and assist my clients and customers to make wise selling or purchasing decisions, in accordance with accepted real estate ethics (as a Realtor) and the statutes, rules and regulations of the State of Colorado and the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

     I also recognize that my real estate license limits my actions to those "real estate activities" contemplated by the Colorado Real Estate Commission and by law, and does not permit me to give legal, financial, accounting or tax advice, nor to represent myself as an expert in any of those fields.  All customers and clients will be advised to consult with an attorney, accountant, mortgage broker/lender or CPA for expert advice on such issues. 

5.  Effort vs. Buyer Agency. 

     I will freely correspond with customers without limit prior to, during or after any initial showing of property, by either telephone, email or letter, and will gladly provide a variety of property information. 
     Thereafter, at my discretion, any repeat or additional showings of properties, research and investigation, property previews or other actions on my part may be accomplished after a Buyer Agency or Transaction Broker relationship has been established and documented.

6.  Commissions and Expenses. 

     Earning commissions based on a percentage of the selling price of properties is how I make my living. I also have flat fee rates for certain lower-priced properties. I do not work at discounted commission rates. Rather, as a full-service agent, I prefer to expend the appropriate effort, and provide full representation and protection in an efficient and professional manner, to earn my commission by assisting my clients and customers to achieve their real estate goals (buying or selling).
      In addition to commissions, I may from time to time charge certain administrative fees to cover expenses occurring either prior to the execution of listing or sales contracts, or which are not considered part of the normal cost of selling and marketing properties. In all cases, I will disclose my commission rate and extranseous fees in advance of charging them or including them in any contract.


7.  Foreclosures; Government or Lender-owned Properties.  Generally, I will not do transactions to purchase properties actively involved in the foreclosure process, unless those properties are listed for sale by a licensed real estate broker. However, I will accept transactions for the purchase of properties in pre-foreclosure status, those involved in or contemplating short-sale situations or which are offered for sale on the market after foreclosure or repossession. For anyone needing legal advice regarding foreclosures or the foreclosure process, HUD approved (free) housing counselors are available via the Colorado Foreclosure Prevention Hotline - 1-877-601-HOPE; or online at www.coloradoforeclosurehotline.org.


8.  Phone Calls and Emails.  I will respond to all email inquiries, and all phone calls where a voicemail message is left, within twenty-four (24) hours or less.


9.  Other Agents.  I will honor the relationship my customers may have with other real estate agents.


10. Reservations Disclosure; Showings; Agency Policy. 

     I reserve for myself the absolute and personal right to choose whether or not to represent any customer or client in any real estate transaction. Likewise, I reserve the right to enter into any agency or listing agreement, or to terminate any such agreements or relationships at any time and for any reason, involving but not limited to (on the part of a customer or client):  non-cooperation, disrespect, personal or personality conflicts, dishonesty, unethical practices, failure to follow professional advice, unlawful actions or instructions and/or a failure to honor verbal or written contractual responsibilities and obligations.  

     With regard to property showings, unless I know the customer I will not meet a customer at a property without first scheduling an appointment at my brokerage office and verifying the customer's credentials. 

      With regard to out-of-state buyers (and all buyers in general) it is my policy NOT to write an offer for a buyer on an improved property (a house) that the buyer has not personally (physically) viewed at least once.


These policies are subject to revision from time to time.  


My Resume/Bio:

David Martinek has over four decades of management and leadership experience in the cable television, telecommunications and real estate fields.  He is also a retired U.S. Army officer. 

David has held executive positions at the division level of large cable TV companies, and senior management positions with various cable and telecommunications companies, including Time Warner and Sprint.  He is a decorated Vietnam War veteran and has served overseas on active duty in European and Southeast Asian theaters. 
Upon leaving military service, he helped launch a master antenna television company in Georgia which eventually led to his 24-year career in systems management and public relations. 
David studied at the University of Missouri, majoring in education, before entering military service.  As an active and reserve Army Signal Corps officer he attended several military schools, including the Army's Command and General Staff College. 
David has been a real estate agent in Colorado since 2006.  He lives in Divide, 24 miles west of Colorado Springs.  He has two grown children and four grandsons. 


Professional endeavors:
Colorado Realtor - Real Estate by Dave Martinek
Community affairs agent for the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company's Cripple Creek Visitor's Center (2012 - 2016).
Senior Group Manager for the Local Telecommunications Division of Sprint in Overland Park, KS - deploying broadband services in 18 states (1996 - 2004).
Vice President of Public and Government Relations for the Western Pennsylvania Division of Time Warner Cable in Pittsburg, PA (1992 - 1996).
Director of Government Affairs for the National Division of Warner Cable Communications in Columbus, OH (1991 - 1992)
Manager of Government Relations for American Cablevision, Kansas, City, MO (1986 - 1991).
General Manager of several cable television systems in Georgia, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.
Retired U.S. Army Officer - Lieutenant Colonel (USAR).
 * (highlighted entries are current status)

Current Memberships, Activities and Experiences:


Member of the Pike's Peak Association of Realtors (PPAR).

Member of the Colorado Association of Realtors (CARS).
Member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).
Colorado Realtor since February 2006. 
Member of the Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce.
Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of the Divide Chamber of Commerce. 
Member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Teller Historic and Environmental Coalition (T.H.E. Coalition). 
Member of the Midland Depot at Divide (MDAD) Preservation Project working committee. 
Member, Pikes Peak Posse/Westerners - Colorado Springs Chapter.
Member, Ute Pass Historical Society.
Co-founder and President of the "Midland Days at Divide, Inc." a Colorado non-profit corporation celebrating the Colorado Midland and Midland Terminal railroads via a symposium held annually in Divide, CO.
Retired U.S. Army Signal Corps Officer (Vietnam Veteran). 
Former Telecommunications and Cable Television executive/manager.
Experiences:  Leadership roles (both military and corporate), public and government affairs, contracting and contract negotiations, company management, marketing, writer, communications technician, amateur photographer and historian.  
Property owner in Teller County since 1998.



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