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My Photos - Other Places

Enjoy these photos from around the world. I am grateful to my friends and relatives who have contributed some amazing pictures.

 All photos copyrighted.  All rights reserved.

  • Sailboats in Montagu Bay; Nashau/Paradise Is., Bahamas. Photo: D. Martinek

  • View from old Spanish fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo by Perry Cadwallader.

  • Beach in Puerto Rico. Photo: Linda Chambers

  • A bay inlet and beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Photo by Perry Cadwallader.

  • Casey Cay in British Virgin Islands. Photo: Linda Chambers

  • Pelicans on a Bimini beach. Photo by Gunter Ott

  • An old beached tanker in Bimini. Photo by Gunter Ott.

  • Acapulco Cliff Diving site. Photo by Chad Lawless

    This is a scene from the famous Acapulco cliff diving site.  The divers wait for the tide to raise the water level enough to support their dives.

  • Acapulco habor. Photo by Chad Lawless.

  • Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland. Photo by Debbe Gifford

  • Cmdr. Fitz Lee in F18 Super Hornet over Mt. Fuji Japan. Photo: Shelley Maffett-Pitchford

  • Vietnamese Woman. Photo: Katrina Evehart

     A Vietnamese woman in traditional dress in the Mekong Delta. 

  • Ho Chi Minh City Street Vendor. Photo: Katrina Everhart

     A street vendor in Vietnamese pajamas in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). 

  • Vietnamese Junket. Photo: Katrina Everhart

     A Vientamese junket on the Saigon River.

  • Mekong Delta. Photo: Katrina Everhart

     Coconut trees in the Mekong Delta. 

  • A view in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: Katrina Everhart

  • Bosphorus Strait in Turkey. Photo: Katrina Everhart


    Riding an elephant in Jaipur, India. Photo: Katrina Everhart

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